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My Filler With Miller…BEST OF NYC

21 Sep

By Christabelle…@CBellesCloset (*Pure Editorial, Non-Paid Post*sample)

BEST OF NYC: Dr. Philip Miller, Gotham Plastic Surgery

Y’all know I have a HUGE fear of needles, doctors and things that might hurt (see My Trip to Dr. DiCicco if you have forgotten).  So, filling, plumping, primping or anything involving potential pain are usually put to the side for desperate times.But when I had the chance to meet THE Dr. Philip Miller (and when I say THE, I mean New York Magazine’s top doctor five years running Dr. Philip Miller), I had to abandon my trypanophobia (or at least temporarily leave it outside the door of Gotham Plastic Surgery). This was an opportunity of a lifetime and one that I was not ready to let slip through my manicured fingertips.

With a nervous twitch in my eye (which I feared would make jabbing me with needles a serious issue), I sat for a brief moment in a patient room with my trusted Kara in tow to digitally document the experience. Upon entry through the door in his blue scrubs that matched the walls (which I’m certain in a Rain Man sort of way are painted in Pantone SP14 Dazzling Blue shade #18-3949), my twitch ceased, my heart stopped racing and I actually started to enjoy myself.


Dr. Miller, who on paper is one of NYC’s most coveted plastic surgeons, with a CV chock full of schooling, training and expertise that I won’t even attempt to pronounce. In reality, he is also a really cool, down to Earth guy. With a sense of humor that could secure him a spot on SNL (should the plastic surgery thing fall through, though doubtful), he immediately put me and my nonsensical phobias to rest. Explaining each and every move before he made it, Dr. Miller made my filler with Miller appointment not only easy, but enjoyable. In fact – we laughed.  We laughed A LOT (see photos); something I have never done before with someone holding a needle to my skin. Let’s just say, he has impeccable “distraction” tactics – and that comes from a girl who needed to be sedated for her last dental appointment. #2Points4Miller

Dr. Miller might indeed be part wizard or warlock, as the whole process (from start to finish) was PAINLESS. A picture is worth 1000 words and I posted 23 – you do the math.  He subscribes to the guidelines of ‘NatraLook’, which means you will NEVER walk out of GPS looking like an overfilled R.H.O (…fill in your own city).  Even if you ask for it, Dr. Miller has boundless integrity, morals and ethics. If you are looking for someone to turn you into a platypus – go elsewhere. Dr. Miller’s flawless techniques create subtle, indescribable, “OMG, you look great” reactions from passersby. He offers his patients a ‘WOW’ factor sprinkled in a little bit of ‘je ne sais quoi’ allure.  Kara phrased it beautifully, as a small amount of JUVÉDERM® was massaged into my upper cheekbone, “CC! You look like you went on vacation and actually slept”. Sleep – what is that?! Thank goodness I have Dr. Miller to help me smoke and mirror my insomniac-nocturnal nature.

Me, but better. I like that.

The end result was natural, beautiful and precisely the boost I needed (and more importantly exactly what I asked for). Dr. Philip Miller will be the only person I turn to for not only my non-surgical needs and desires, but when the time comes, he will be my trusted under-the-knife surgeon…indefinitely. When it comes to my face and body, I only want the best putting their latex gloved hands on me – and as long as Dr. Miller and Gotham Plastic Surgery will have me, I will be a patient for life. Simply put – they are the best.

And on a final note, Gotham Plastic Surgery is luxuriously comfortable;  the staff is kind, compassionate, witty and super friendly.  I tried to convince them to hire me as their internal blogger when my appointment was over; I didn’t want to leave. GPS offers the highest quality work (Dr. Douglas Steinbrech is the equally talented, other half of GPS) and marries it with the most glorious staff (thank you Kelly, Bernie and Joe!), leaving this style blogger one very happy camper. No doubt, you will leave a happy camper, too…

How you can get a ‘filler with Miller’ (and more!):
Gotham Plastic Surgery
60 East 56th St, #3B
New York, New York 10022
Tel: 212.750.7100

What to know before you go:

  1. Everyone’s body reacts differently to injections and procedures; be honest with your doctor about your medical history, allergies, sensitivities etc.
  2. I personally did swell and bruise (see photos) – this does NOT mean you will or won’t; be smart in your planning and schedule any procedures well in advance of any big event you might need to attend or business trip you need to take.
  3. Ask about things you can do to prep to avoid swelling/bruising etc.  There are homeopathic drugs you can take that help some people in this arena (such as Arnica Montana); ALWAYS follow post op or appointment guidelines presented by your physician; call if you have questions or concerns.

About Dr. Philip Miller: Dr. Philip J. Miller has over 20 years of experience in facial plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery.  He is an established expert in facial rejuvenation procedures as well as rhinoplasty.  As a result, he is regularly invited to lecture on specific techniques with his peers at national facial plastic surgery meetings.  Recently, Dr. Miller lectured on innovative rhinoplasty techniques at the 10th International Symposium of Facial Plastic Surgery.  Consistently since 2007, he has been voted among the Best Doctors in America and Top Doctor of New York.

About Gotham Plastic Surgery: Gotham Plastic Surgery is a unique collaboration between Dr. Philip Miller and Dr. Douglas Steinbrech, each specializing in their own area of the face and body. One practice. Two Experts. Dr. Miller is a board certified facial plastic surgeon and recognized for his expertise in rhinoplasty and facial surgery. Dr. Steinbrech is a board certified plastic surgeon with special expertise in tummy tucks, mommy makeovers, breast implants. and in minimally invasive aesthetics treatments.

About JUVÉDERM®: Juvéderm, an injectable filler (injectable facial filler), is used by cosmetic, dermatological, and plastic surgeons to soften deep folds and reduce wrinkles in the faces of patients. The substance is largelyhyaluronic acid, a substance normally found in the skin, muscles, and tendons of mammals. Approved in June 2006 by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Juvéderm’s prime use is removing nasolabial folds, or “smile lines,” creases of skin which run from the corners of the nose to the corners of the mouth. It is also used as a lip augmentation agent, and to fill in hollow places and scars on the face.

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HOT IN THE HAMPTONS: The Driftwood Resort on the Ocean, Montauk

19 Aug

By Christabelle…@CBellesCloset (*Pure Editorial, Non-Paid Post*sample)

When I link the term ‘pristine’ to an actual place, only one comes to mind- Montauk, Long Island. A place that is rustic yet lavish; air so fresh it totally engulfs you in all its warm summer glory- a 50 on a scale from 1-10. Ad if you are a long time reader of my blog, you know my love affair with this quaint village began back in the 1980’s when my parent’s bought a place on Fort Pond Bay.

Driftwood Montauk

With heavy heart, our property sold last year, but my yearning for my days on the east end did not cease. With great delight, I have found my NEXT heaven on earth at The Driftwood Resort. Tucked off of 27 East, across from famed Cyrils Fish House, I have passed this oasis innumerable times en route to MTK, but only until now realized its beauty, style and breathtaking grounds. This property, a hidden gem on the border of Napeague and Montauk,  has cemented my lifelong tradition of sojourning east every summer and I will no doubt be residing at this divine resort when I do.

The Driftwood has been offering impeccable service and accommodations to guests for years, building its superb reputation for making you feel like you and your enjoyment are the #1 priority, as it should be; yet at Driftwood they go above and beyond to ensure you really are enjoying your stay. From the heated pool, the tennis courts, fully equipped gym, bbq’s, movie nights and pilates on the beach, I was kept busy with all the amazing activities offered (I was even happy on rainy Driftwood days). My favorite amenity of course, being the private white sand beach (which allows for bonfires at night!) only footsteps away from my front door.

Curling my toes in the soft sand, resting my eyes upon the tranquil sea and disappearing sun behind bursts of reds and pinks, hearing the calming chatter of sea gulls nearby as my hair blows in the warm sea breeze; a euphorically amazing state of relaxation, thinking about how I was fortunate enough to find another “happy place” to rest my sometimes stressed out soul.  The term ‘escape’ took on a whole new meaning while I found I could no longer remember my worries; an unadvertised perk of the Driftwood.

Beach services are outstanding. The Cabana Staff are extremely nice, organized and attentive (Dean in one word ROCKS), making your trek to the beach more about your relaxation and enjoyment of all the beach has to offer and less about the work it takes to get there. Don’t worry about the lifting and carrying of items like chairs, umbrellas and towels…the dreaded setting up and and sunset break-downn – they do that for you.  Your priority becomes YOU…R&R, enjoyment of breathing in the fresh salty air and feasting your eyes upon panoramic views of pure beauty. Another wonderful beach amenity was a 90 minute,  amazing massage right near the water’s edge.  Talk about the ultimate get away!

When you book, be sure to keep abreast of the various events that are happening during your stay, such as concerts, fireworks, farmer’s markets, etc., that are hosted by the Montauk Chamber of Commerce. Rooms are comfortable, cozy and fully stocked with all the essentials (including Frette luxe towels), and I would know, I stayed in four different ones*! All of which delighted me and made me feel more than at home- in fact they made me feel better than home-a luxurious beach cottage “home”. Every request, whim, need and desire was granted by the front desk staff – Deniz and Tom go the extra mile to be  helpful – to the point, you want to ask them to join you for a BBC at Cyrils Fish House across the road after work (and noted, that I am actually guilty of wanting to hang out with them off duty).

Total bonus for the summer months? Fresh Direct DOES INDEED deliver to the Driftwood – making the kitchen/kitchenette even more useful if you come via the Hampton Jitney bus (which drops you off less then a 1/2 mile down the road in front of the (now closed) Sharehouse Restaurant).

To book with the Driftwood Resort located at 2178 Montauk Highway, Montauk, NY 11954, call  631-668-5744 or visit  http://www.driftwoodmontauk.com – and tell them Christabelle sent you!

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*Décor and furniture differ depending on unit.


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Found in the Knicket of Time…

13 Aug

By Rissabelle…@CBellesCloset (*Pure Editorial, Non-Paid Post*sample)Knicket Home PageFINALLY! A search engine for apps that is SIMPLE to understand has been created! Whatever app I am searching for is sorted by categories and price range of my choosing thanks to Knicket, which has become my new best friend this past week. It has aided in my endless search for the perfect app – so much that I had to increase my memory to cover all of  my newest downloads.  App-tastic!

Knicket keeps it simple
Some app searches can be very confusing  and intimidating (you know the ones!). Sometimes you are unsure which app you just downloaded and what it actually does and wait why is this is in a language I’ve never heard of?!  Knicket offers a simple layout on its website for through and easy navigation. It’s search bar is the center focus of the page and let’s you know exactly what the app you are looking at entails. Since it utilizes multiple filter and search options, the process go quicker which yields you better end result. Easy enough!

Knicket is organized
This powerhouse allows you to sort through apps by your specs, which means you can separate and decipher which apps are right for you based on categories of your choosing. You can search by stars, ratings, price, downloads, release date and more which really helps you to make an informed decision of  to purchase and which would not be right for you, saving you space on your phone for apps you will actually use. Not to mention saving you valuable dollars – though apps might be inexpensive as a one-off – buy too many of the wrong ones, you are burning a hole in your Birken!

Knicket is unbiased
Knicket does not feature app links that are sponsored, paid or fake/ false and does not have any hidden in-app-purchases, which makes Knicket a low risk website to use when app hunting. This also means it provides you with unbiased search results, so you rest easy knowing that you aren’t being conned.  You can shop for your apps based on downloads, not kickbacks, and I like that! There is advertising to help keep the search engine free, but Knicket makes sure to show it is clearly separated as to not confuse users- much appreciated!

Some of the apps that Knicket has helped me give a good home to:

Fashion- I love the Polyvore app I downloaded based on my preferences of stars and ratings, which means many other fashionistas love this app too. Polyvore gives tips on all things fashion – clothes, accessories, home décor, happening trends and you can even shop while on the go. Style your favorite items together and see how it looks on your phone before applying in real life, which is basically the same as asking your BFF for their opinion before heading out, except the advice comes from your phone in a less judgmental tone…

Beauty- Beautylish App allows you to not only receive great beauty and make-up tips, but also shop for your favorite beauty products,view video tutorials and choose from various reviews and “how to’s” regarding hairstyles, nail designs, makeup products, eyebrows and more. Since beauty items can be a bit unorganized, it’ nice to know I am not making a mess of things while still playing with make-up-virtually.

Lifestyle- Social Live is an app that allows friends and family to experience special occasions or events with you live through Facebook. Using video broadcasts, you can collectively share must-see moments, in real time, and comments appear on the screen as they are being written. Social Live makes getting together that much easier, and missing out on special happenings a thing of the past.

Happy Apping!

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UJENA is the only reason to cover-up in August…

12 Aug

By Christabelle…@CBellesCloset (*Pure Editorial, Non-Paid Post*sample)

Swimwear Company UJENA has a wonderful collection of all things swim, from various styles of beautiful swimsuits (such as Bikinis, Tankinis and 1-pieces) to gorgeous cover-ups that fabulize and sassify your hot swim look. A cover-up offers protection from the sun to and from your tanning destination while adding sex appeal and a sense of luxury to your attire; chic for not only at the water’s edge, but in a  hotel lobby, nearby restaurant or bar, or perhaps the apres beach BBQ or pool party. UJENA offers a bevy of styles, cuts, lengths and colors, all made from a very lightweight onionskin fabric that feels good on skin and looks good to all eyes that meet it.

White Cabo San Lucas – Honeymoon Collection
Since it is Wedding and Honeymoon season, this beautiful handmade Cover Up would be a wonderful pressie for a bride who plans of catching some rays during her tropical honeymoon. White tends to be a color associated with both brides and luxury, so she will be feeling like a million bucks travelling with her new hubby and this lux hot style to adorn her outdoors causing heads to turn. Heading to Diddy’s “white” party in the Hampton’s? The Cabo San Lucas cover-up is the perfect accoutrement to your tan body and sizzling bikini; SRP $72.00

Sexy in Soho Cover Up in Black Silky
If you happen to find yourself invited to a rooftop party this summer in Soho (or hosting one) then this Cover Up and you were destined for each other. Flattering on all body types, it’s made with a poly-spandex fabric that feel sleek and won’t wrinkle (aka perfect for your overnight LV!). It has a strapless top with optional padding for an extra boobie boost if needed, an open front and a sexy long flow in the back.  Throw on a pair of strappy heels and this cover up carries you at sunset and beyond; SRP $96.00

La Salina Resort Robe
Inspired by the Luxury Resort Collection, this Cover Up shouts louder than your fashion forward personality. Your girlfriends will immediately be asking where you got it, and you are sure to stand out in the best way while wearing it due to the combination of bright colors , wild pattern and oh-so unique design.  It’s sheer, lightweight and ties around the neck and in the front. You will want to book a lovely tropical vacation ( Hello Hawaii?) just to be able to bust this beauty out and show it off! And we love any piece of clothing that makes us want to do that; SRP $92.49


WHY WE LOVE UJENA: Aside from having a vast assortment of chic and fabulous cover ups, We love Ujena because they make their clothing domestically in the U.S.A, making them a part of the American Brand Project. The project supports and promotes businesses, brands and companies in the U.S that manufacture and create their products here domestically, and want to spread the word that by doing this, these brands are helping to create jobs in America. When people shop at local businesses, they are helping to increase small businesses revenue, which can increase the need for jobs within these regional areas, thus supporting people right here in the USA.

American Brand Project is helping to make  consumers aware of the power they hold where they make purchases, and how they can truly make a difference. We think that is pretty awesome. Learn more at AmericanBrandProject.com and support the brands that are proudly made in the USA.


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Cocktail of the Week: Courvoisier Cognac

1 Aug

By Rissabelle…@CBellesCloset (*Pure Editorial, Non-Paid Post*sample)
Courv Cocktail

It’s summertime and the weather is sweet! Kick off your shoes, throw your sundress on and enjoy the activities that are so much better this time of year: Outdoor BBQ’s, picnics in parks, drive-in movies, long hours at the beach and rooftop soirees. For any summertime scenario, the perfect cocktails to enjoy with friends can only make the festivities better. The warm weather welcomes classic refreshers such as punches, sangrias and sparkling champagnes, which we discovered can be made even more delicious by adding Courvoisier® Cognac! So without further ado, here are our yummy cocktails of the week, all made with Cognac by Courvoisier®.


4 parts Courvoisier® VS Cognac

4 parts DeKuyper® Peach liqueur

2 bottles Prosecco

½ cup white grape juice

2 peaches

Green grapes

Thinly slice peaches. Cut the grapes in half. Put sliced fruit in a pitcher with Courvoisier, peach liqueur and grape juice. Let sit in the fridge for 1-3 hours. Immediately before serving, pour 2 bottles of Prosecco and stir. Serve over ice.


250ml Courvoisier® VS Cognac

750ml Lemonade

20 dashes Angostura aromatic bitters

3 orange wheels

6 lemon wheels

Add the freshly cut fruit into a bowl or pitcher, pour in remaining ingredients. Infuse for a few minutes. Serve on ice.


1 part Courvoisier® VSOP cognac

2 dashes of Angostura bitters

1 sugar cube

Top up with Champagne

Soak a sugar cube in bitters and drop into a Champagne flute. Cover with Courvoisier® VSOP Cognac and slowly top with Champagne.

21+ – please drink responsibly

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