DIY Kitchens and Paint…

15 Sep

By Christabelle…

With the cooler weather coming toward us full speed ahead, get your creative juices revved up and DIY your pad in style (and on a budget!).

When inspiration strikes, grab it! That can often be easier said than done when it comes to remodeling and updating your home, but not anymore.  From the popular Do It Yourself magazine comes Do It Your Self: Kitchens and Do It Yourself: 100+ Paint Jobs.  These books will not only guide the home remodeler to success but inspire anyone to make home renovations themselves.

Do It Yourself: Kitchens – Stunning Spaces on a Shoestring Budget  (Wiley Paperback; $19.99)                                                     

  • This do-it-yourself guide to kitchen remodeling presents an array of inspiring kitchen makeovers for $1,000, $2,500, $5,000 and $10,000.
  • Real-life before-and-after photos include budget breakdowns, solutions to common problems, and space-planning tips.
  • Hundreds of ideas from adding a paint-on message board, how to shop at unexpected places and incorporating personal touches are given to make creative changes to your kitchen.

Do It Yourself: 100+ Paint Projects – Fresh Ideas for Your Home (Wiley Paperback;  $19.99)

  • This book covers everything a DIYer needs to know about paint, from how to pick the right paintbrush to the best tips for painting walls, woodwork, furniture, fabric, and more.
  •  It features more than 100 paint projects, from creating decorative paint effects on walls and floors to stamping and stenciling window treatments to making over a piece of furniture.
  • Learn how a simple can of paint can transform any room

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