Kick This…in Paramus

28 Aug

By Christabelle…

I am 5’1″ tall…I was reminded by a friend last week that I am just mere inches away from being legally enforced to use a “booster seat” for the car. This got me thinking. #1…I need to shop for some 6″ Louboutins #2 I need to de-friend HIM on Facebook and #3 perhaps I need to take some sort of class to strengthen my vertically challenged body (and also be able to kick the crap out of my newly de-friended friend).

Kickboxing was the immediate answers to all my above mentioned issues…and if you are from Bergen County, NJ, you know there is no other place to get your “kick on” then CKO Kickboxing…and the BRAND NEW PARAMUS LOCATION IS OPENING UP IN A FEW SHORT DAYS! (located on 385 ROUTE 17 SOUTH).

So Get Your Boxing Gloves Ready… rumor has it Loula Karapiperis (the new owner) will be offering pre-sales NOW.  Don’t miss out on this extravagant opportunity–get unlimited kickboxing classes, a free t-shirt, free Fitness Assesment & 10% off at Bensi in Paramus.  A CKO Kiosk is located t Paramus Park Mall-700 Paramus Park, Paramus, NJ 07652 (Center Court Fountain between Teavana & Kay Jewelers).  Entrance by Old Navy or West Main.  

Want more details? Email her: and tell her Christabelle sent you!



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