The Season of Lights

6 Dec

By JackieBelle…

One of the best parts about the holiday season is the way big cities and small towns everywhere get all decked out and lit up.  Quaint little Christmas villages, elaborate store windows, Santas and oversized spinning dreidels in the malls- I love it all!  Everything glitters and shines and takes on a really warm glow that lasts right through the New Year.  Along with all the usual accoutrement that we expect to see each year, there is an unexpected accessory this season that will light up even the dreariest of nights- the WalkSafe Umbrella by Shedrain.  It’s an umbrella with reflective coating on all its tips that will significantly “brighten” when a car or truck or bus shines its headlights towards you.  It was made with safety in mind, but the light-up factor (the equivalent of 500 candle power brightness) makes it fun and festive, too!  WalkSafe comes in a variety of colors and sizes and is reasonably priced at about $15-20 for most styles, so it makes a really affordable, practical and fun stocking stuffer. Not to mention fashionable – at that price, you can buy one to match every one of your coats! Styles range from Auto Open & Close (my personal favorite), manual, vented, golf and more. Now when you’re out and about and admiring the winter wonderland, you can actually be part of the lights! Shine on…


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