Talbots Supports the Troops…

11 Mar

First Lady Maria Shriver Announces  “Talbots and The Troops” Initiative in Conjunction with her WE Support Program

The First Lady Maria Shriver announced the “Talbots and the Troops’ initiative  at  The Women’s Conference’s ‘ Day at The Museum’ Event in Honor of Women’s History Month.   The ‘Talbots and the Troops’ program is in conjunction with The First Lady’s WE Support program. We Support aims to assist military families by providing information about programs and resources that are dedicated to helping in a variety of ways. 

The goal of the ‘Talbots and the Troops’ program is to assist women in California who are transitioning back to civilian life after returning from service.  California is the home to nearly 167,000 women veterans and many families across the state. Therefore, Talbots will be giving 600 eligible women a $200 gift card so that they can purchase an outfit from Talbots to help them in future career endeavors. 2100  30% discount cards for military spouses in California will also be available. The gift cards and the discount cards will all be distributed through local Women Veteran Coordinators.

In May, Talbots will be encouraging customers to make a donation at any of the 40 Talbots’ California stores.  100% of the donations will be turned into Talbots gift cards and donated directly to the ‘Talbots and the Troops’ program.

 For 2011 the plan is that the ‘Talbots and the Troops’ program will roll out to other states such as Texas and Virginia.

Go on to www.gov.ca.gov and watch the footage from the announcement yesterday (scroll to 24:00 and watch until 35:00) !! Check out our own DM Judy Holmes (Regional Director from Region 5) on the stage with the Governor and First Lady! Also a thank you to Thelma in the Sacremento store for dressing the Veterans!


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