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Pink is the New Black…in books that is!

4 Jun

For those of you living in the very swankiest parts of Connecticut (Fairfield County) I have uncovered the end all – be all BIBLE for you. Affectionately called “the Pink book”, this little guide hosts 1500 of the best places to shop in Fairfield County – from clothing to housewares – this is a must-have for anyone living in or around Southern Connecticut.

Written by Devon Fleming, a Modern Mom lifestyle personality, author, and on-air celebrity, this book even made me consider packing my UWS apartment and moving to CT to be closer to all of the fabulous shopping she painstakingly details in THE PINK BOOK.

I had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Fleming and she embodies every syllable of the word FABULOUS. Impeccably dressed with a confidence and poise that puts Jackie O to shame, so rest assured her recommendations are nothing less than – well, FABULOUS! From event planners – to shoes – to antiques – to wine and spirits…this guide is JAM PACKED with the most up-to-date info to cover your posh Connecticut living.

Available on-line and a host of Fairfield County retailers – click HERE for local listings.


Do a little GIG on the beach…

4 Jun

The Gig Shack - pure culinary heavenThose of you who know me – know Montauk, Long Island is my favorite place on the planet. If I could live there all summer I would (don’t think I haven’t thought about opening up Christabelle’s Closet Beachside!)

Last summer, I unearthed possibly the most delightful place to eat – apres beach – and was DELIGHTED to discover it returned this year. If you are heading out to the last stop on the island this summer – it would behoove you to make a stop at THE GIG SHACK.

Right on Main Street (a few blocks from the main beach at Nick’s), the Gig Shack offers a variety of familiar favorites – all with a twist from some foreign land. Spices from Asia and sauces from the Caribbean – the Gig Shack adds a little “je ne sais quoi” to their dishes with the delicate balance of local and foreign.  I LOVE IT!

Though sad to see my favorite pulled pork was ‘pulled’ from the menu, there are tons of new delights that I am psyched to indulge in after my sandy afternoons at Ditch Plains. Their award winning red velvet cake is back with a vengeance and as soon as I am off the South Beach Diet, it will be making a new home in my tum. DELIC! If you get anything from the menu – the red velvet cake is the way to go (no fears – it isn’t shaped like an aardvark for those Steel Magnolia fans out there). It should be illegal to eat it has such a high  “yum” factor.

Family owned, it is always a pleasure to see the smiling faces of Tracey and Arden (mother and son duo who always seem to be on-site to make dining even more of an experience). I can’t say enough – so GO CHECK IT OUT FOR YOURSELF and go hungry – tell them Christabelle sent you!

The Gig Shack
782 Main Street

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